FBI Fingerprinting Services in Anaheim, CA.

Located inside Postal Express, we specialize in providing FBI Fingerprinting Services for individuals and organizations in Anaheim, CA. Recognizing the essential role of fingerprinting in various official processes, we offer a secure and efficient method for capturing and submitting your fingerprints to the FBI. Our services cater to different needs, including employment, travel, licensing, and personal verification, ensuring professional and accurate handling at every step.

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FBI Fingerprinting Information

FBI Fingerprinting is a critical process for various official purposes, from identity verification to conducting thorough background checks. It involves collecting an individual’s fingerprint data, a unique and unchangeable form of personal identification. Once collected, these fingerprints are submitted to the FBI for comparison against their comprehensive criminal and civil records database. This comparison is pivotal in various scenarios, including employment background checks, licensing requirements, visa applications, etc. We use advanced technology to ensure that your fingerprint data is captured with precision and clarity, providing accurate and reliable results for your needs.

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Our Live Scan Services

  • Employment and Licensing: Essential for jobs and licenses in fields that require security clearance and trust.
  • Visa and Immigration: Necessary for individuals applying for visas or immigration status in certain countries.
  • Personal Record Review: Allows individuals to request their own FBI identity history summary for personal review or to correct inaccuracies.
  • Adoption Procedures: Used in both domestic and international adoption processes to ensure the safety and integrity of the adoption.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to offering confidential, precise, and swift FBI Fingerprinting Services. Our skilled technicians employ the latest fingerprinting technology, ensuring high-quality captures for submission. We understand the importance of these services and provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout the process. Our dedication to a seamless customer experience makes us a top choice for FBI Fingerprinting Services in Anaheim.

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